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Mileage Logs and Vehicle Expense

Our vehicles have become an integral part of our lives so it makes sense that they naturally become an extension of our businesses.  Using your personal vehicle for business use can save your business the expense of purchasing a vehicle, but calculating the business deduction can be tricky.

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Three Times The Charm

More than ever, our lives are being stored digitally on our various devices (computers, laptops, tablets, and phones). Most people are one hard drive failure, fire, virus, or device theft away from losing their data, but they do not realize it.  

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Discovery Accounting 10 Years Later - Thank You!

Small business owners always inspire me in that they have a drive to succeed and have embraced the entreprenureal spirit.  They have a passion for what they do and many of them do not feel as though they are going to work because they are doing what they love. 

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Carpe per Diem!

Per diem is the allowance for lodging (excluding taxes), meals and incidental expenses for travel within the 48 continental US states. The allowance is typically elected on an annual basis

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Bookkeeping Service FAQs

Why do I need a bookkeeper?
Is hiring an external service safe?
How do I keep control of my money and decisions?
Do I have to leave my current accountant?
How does your bookkeeping service work?
How do we send you our accounting documents?
What If I need temporary help while my bookkeeper is on vacation?
Do I need to purchase accounting software?
I'm interested. What happens next?

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