Payroll Service FAQs
Saturday, January 1, 2011 at 8:47AM
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What do I need to get started?

All we need is your company and employee information and payroll history (if any) for this year.  Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your payroll needs and requirements.

Can I switch payroll providers mid-year?

Yes, we can start your payroll any time as long as you have records of your payroll history.

What about W-2's?

At year-end, we create W-2 forms for you and your employees. We take care of filing them with the Social Security Administration and appropriate state authorities.

How do we get help when we need it?

Support comes included with your payroll package.  You will never be left alone to solve an accounting problem on your own.  Our support page has multiple ways to contact us for help.  We offer over-the-phone troubleshooting in addition to on-site and remote support.

Can I import payroll information to my accounting software?

Yes, we can help you import payroll data into accounting software such as QuickBooks®, QuickBooks Online Edition, QuickBooks for Mac, Peachtree®, ATX Client Write-Up, TaxWise Client Write-Up™, CCH Pro System fx®, Write-Up, and Microsft® Money so that all information is in one place.

How will I stay on top of my payroll details?

We provide you with a variety of reports that will allow you to remain informed and in control of your payroll.

What payroll reports are available?

Employee Reports: Payroll Summary, Payroll Details, Deductions, Last Paycheck, Employee Details.

Employer Reports: Tax Liability, Tax and Wage Summary, Total Pay, Tax Payments, Workers Compensation, Vacation and Sick Leave, Billing Summary, Total Cost, Retirement Plans

What if I'm not sure if this is right for my business?

You can take a test drive of the payroll system and even run a sample payroll. Paycheck information, taxes, and reports are all available to view. Access the test company here.

What If I need temporary help while my bookkeeper/payroll clerk is on vacation?

We are more than happy to provide temporary bookkeeping and payroll staffing assistance while your bookkeeper or payroll clerk are out of the office.

Where can I get more information?

Leave us your question below or contact us directly.

Download our printable brochure here. (PDF)

I'm interested.  What happens next?

For any service we provide, we begin by meeting with you to discuss your requirements and creating a unique model for your business.  This way you only pay for services you actually use.  We will also create an implementation time line with a "go-live" date that will fit your business needs. Contact us to get started!

What forms do new employees need to fill out?

Employees in the state of Colorado need to fill out a form W-4 and I-9. It's a good practice to make a photo copy of the identification documents provided by your employee with the I-9.

New Employee Fact Sheet (PDF)

W-4 Can Be Found Here (PDF)

I-9 Can Be Found Here (PDF)

Direct Deposit Authorization Form (PDF)

What forms do non-employees (subcontractors) need to fill out?

Subcontractors that are not employees also need to receive an annual form 1099 that similar to an employees W-2.  They need to provide their taxpayer identification number (which is generally their social security number).  The IRS provides form W-9 to request their pertinent information.

Subcontractor Information Sheet (PDF)

W-9 Can Be Found Here (PDF)

Direct Deposit Authorization Form (PDF)

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or to get started.

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